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Chapter 85. It's brown, with antlers and a repertoire of two.
Episode 8513th December 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Tuesday 7th December, Chez Hogarth.

Ant happened to be in the vicinity and so we hatched a plan to record Chapter 85 with both of us in the same room. Face to face, either side of the kitchen table.

What could possibly go wrong...

The answers (for there are a few) in no particular order are Cardboard, Roof Bars, Muted Trumpeteers and a Christmas Moose. But we are dogged in our determination to bring you inaccurate, oft-repeated and post-watershed banter - so we powered on and managed to cobble together some thoughts on the creative journey that became

There are a few chair scrapes, quite a lot of delivery people, the odd bit of Mrs h and a French bulldog in there which should provide the requisite ambience.

Oh and the crooncast is the second part of your prescribed treatment, Scott Forte.

Love'n'twinkly lights


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