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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 4, 17th December 2020
ROT 004 Uncelebrated Rap Pioneers of Harlem with Da Prince Devine and Big Bee

ROT 004 Uncelebrated Rap Pioneers of Harlem with Da Prince Devine and Big Bee

In this episode:

The “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast host “Imp the Great” talks about the need to stop eating beef and how everyone including black business needs to support black business. He also explains the importance of having a central hub outside of social networks for you works, products, services and the importance of having an email list.

The guests "Da Prince Devine" and "Big Bee" are two uncelebrated rap pioneers from Harlem, New York. They share exciting stories from as early as 1977 when a young "Devine" first took the mic and started rapping. The two give their insight on diet, health, exercise, the police, new music, and their experiences with many rap legends and legendary venues in New York City. Several of their songs are also played on this episode.

The songs of the day are:

It’s Alright by Devine The Prince

Harlem Fly by Devine The Prince, Big Bee and KIOS (Remix by Spice Curry)

Da Prince is Here - Da Prince Devine

The special guest of the day are Harlem's own "Da Prince Devine and Big Bee.

For more information on "Da Prince Devine" visit his YouTube Channel Here:

For more information on "Big Bee" visit his YouTube Channel Here:

Links to other music we discussed in R.O.T episode #4

Spoonie G - Godfather of Hip Hop [Explicit] - Click Here

Kool Moe D - How You Like Me Now - Click Here

Teddy Riley - The Very Best of Guy - Click Here

Eddie Cheba - Looking Good Shake Ya Body - Click Here

LL Cool J - Radio - Click Here

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