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Jessica Breitenfeld | The art of clowning and why playing the fool can help you be a better speaker and presenter
Episode 4131st July 2020 • Podfluence • John Ball
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Nobody wants to look like a fool. Or do they?

As a speaker or presenter, if you are not able to play and clown around then you are missing out on a whole range of presentational flexibility that may well be doing you and your clients/audience a huge disservice.

When I first encountered my guest Jessica Breitenfeld, I was attending a Toastmasters convention and competition in Malaga (where I was competing and won first place in my category) and I attended a workshop being led by Jessica which was really all about emotional flexibility. I asked Jessica to give us a taste of that and she does, as well as a whole lot more.

Jessica Breitenfeld was voted the top speaker in the Barcelona division of the Toastmasters World Championship of public speaking in 2020. I was fortunate enough to see her compete and she really knows how to deliver and how to tell a story. She's entertaining, clever and has a unique playfulness that makes her a delightful guest and great to watch.

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Jessica advises that the best place to connect with her right now is Linked In. You will be welcomed with open arms and possibly a big red clown nose. You can also check out her website.

Enjoy the show and keep an eye out for much more coming on the topic of humour and comedy in presentations as I speak with many other entertaining professional speakers and professional comedians, in some cases both in my new 'Leading With Laughter' mini-series.

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