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Embracing a Healing Mindset with Holistic Cancer Coach Jeanette Carbajal
Episode 17718th May 2021 • WE Have Cancer • Lee Silverstein
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On this episode of WE Have Cancer, Healing Mindset Coach Jeanette Carbajal shares her tips for embracing a healing mindset on the journey to cancer recovery. Jeanette has worked with countless medical practitioners, oncologists, and cancer patients all over the U.S. She shares the importance of gratitude, boundaries, laughter, and joy; and that sometimes healing is simply a matter of forgiveness.

Guest Biography:

Jeanette Carbajal became a Healing Mindset Coach shortly after caring for three family members dealing with diagnoses and surgeries all at the same time. She learned she loved bringing laughter, joy, and gratitude into patients’ lives. She is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Certified Health Coach, and Master Transformational Life Coach. This year, she was named 1 of 8 Women Shaking It Up In Health & Wellness by Yahoo Finance. Jeanette teaches her clients to manage their emotions, protect their energy, and foster a positive healing mindset.

Table of Contents:

  • What's the Difference Between Healing and Recovery?

Jeanette believes healing is the process of coming home to yourself. The words “healing” and “recovery” are often interchanged, but they aren’t the same. Healing can happen in a moment; healing can happen when you forgive someone or come to terms with your past. 

  • Bringing a Healing Mindset to Medical Professionals

While involved with a few different clinics, Jeanette was asked by medical staff to share her tips for burnout, boundaries, and mindset with team members. Gradually, word began to spread as her clients told other oncology professionals about the powerful mindset work she was leading.

  • Eat, Hydrate, Sleep

Jeanette shares the three biggest check-ins to have with yourself to begin cultivating a healing mindset: Am I eating well? Am I drinking enough water? Am I sleeping well?

  • Make Your Bedroom into a Healing Oasis

Wifi, blue light, "dirty" electricity, and surging signals are all micro irritants on a cellular level. Jeanette suggests using a Christmas tree timer to turn off your wifi before bed every night, and to remove everything out of your bedroom that does not "spark joy."

  • Dealing with "Scanxiety" and Making Peace with Time Management

Jeanette helps her clients adopt a "360 approach to living." From teaching them tips to collapse time, to cleaning out their pantry, to singing "One Way or Another" during cancer scans, Jeanette believes that bringing more lightness and playfulness into a cancer patient's mindset will allow for more healing between doctor's visits.

  • How to Find the Right Oncologist

"Date" your oncologist! And if you don't like them, or they don't listen to you, or you just get a gut feeling, divorce your oncologist. It's okay to want to seek out your perfect practitioner. There's nothing more sacred to a patient than the person trying to save their life; there should always be love involved. Getting emotional is a good thing.

  • Three Loved Ones, Three Surgeries, Two Weeks

Jeanette shares her personal experience becoming a caretaker for her grandmother, mother, and father after each of them received different cancer diagnoses all at the same time. As a family, they went through three surgeries in the span of two weeks. It was then Jeanette learned how much she loved helping patients with their mindset and healing in their own homes.

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