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E172 | Leadership, Growth Mindset and Learning from a Peer Organisation with Ian Windle
Episode 17230th November 2021 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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If you’re a leader and you don’t have a coach, then you’re missing a trick. 

Ian Windle is group chairman at Vistage, a global peer board organisation. He's also a TEDx speaker, executive coach, team builder, author, podcast host. In this latest episode of The Melting Pot, Ian talks about his obsession with leadership, developing leaders, and having a growth mindset. 

He discusses building high performing teams, what being in a peer organisation like Vistage or YPO, or EO is like, and the value you get from being a part of it. He also shares what you can learn from being a member, and what you can take back into your own organisation, and how to solve problems, either in a peer organisation or with coaching. 

He also talks about building trust, why leaders need to show vulnerability, and how to create and cultivate a growth mindset. 

Finally, Ian has some questions that you as a leader should be asking of your executive team as we end 2021, about to enter 2022, as well as some great book recommendations. 

To hear all this and more, download and listen to the episode now. 

This is a fantastic chat, we’re sure you'll enjoy it too.

On today’s podcast:

  • The personal growth business
  • Leaders lose more often
  • How do you spend your time?
  • Why you need a coach
  • Why peer groups work






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