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Creating meaningful social media content with Aileen Stevenson
Episode 1431st December 2022 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Dog trainer Aileen Stevenson’s social media posts are regularly shared dozens of times, often attract over a hundred comments and power her business.

She creates meaningful content that people connect with, written from the heart, sharing observations from her own dog Charlie and the dogs she supports.

Only five years ago, Aileen was working as an accountant then retrained as a dog trainer and fulfilled her dream of building a successful business.

She’s written a book, Dogs, Bumps and Babies and works one to one in person with families, children and dogs in Glasgow and supports clients online too.

In this episode Aileen shares the story behind her business and how she goes about creating meaningful content to inspire pet parents to think differently about their relationship with their dogs.

And how using Facebook in particular has helped her to grow her business.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2:25 - Introduction to Aileen and her work at The Perfect Puppy Company

5:09 - Aileen’s experience of making the leap from corporate account to full-time dog training.

12:27 - The importance of being consistent with your posts.

15.42 - Creating meaningful content for social media and how Aileen does this.

21:09 - Aileen on planning her content.

23.57 - Why sometimes you just have to share things that just happen.

31:02 - Aileen’s advice for people who might be feeling a bit nervous posting on social media.

34:12 - You’re not talking to other dog trainers, you are talking to people who need to know how to train their dog.

35:55 - How things we can assume everyone knows already make for great content.

40:09 - Why it’s so important to talk about kind ways to train a dog because not all owners know this and they are looking to train with kindness.

43:05 - Why you don’t need to be bashing other people - just share how you do things.

48:50 - How long Aileen spends on her marketing every week.

51:18 - The importance of listening to other people’s experiences and using your own imagery.

56:46 - The fine line between taking inspiration and copying.

1:01:00 - Why you SHOULD invest time in your content because it powers your business.

1:03:52 - How to find out more about Aileen and the Perfect Puppy Company.

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