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Title: Welcome Back Plus with Gia Hellwig
Episode 13231st October 2022 • Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending • Kelly Mobeck
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We have been talking about being in ownership for our lives and the things we want to create all month long and today I am super excited to welcome back Gia Hellwig to the podcast and help us with some simple strategies to stay in integrity with what we are up to on the daily.  Plus, she has some exciting news and updates that I know you are going to want to hear about.  Hint, there may be an exciting pivot in the business that she is in ownership about. Tune in and let us know what you think!


Here are the highlights from this episode:

(00:52) October is about ownership

(07:11) I love being in service

(14:12) How to maintain calendar integrity

(19:43) Taking ownership of my skillset

(24:01) You can learn to schedule too!

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Hey everyone. I'm Kelly Mo Beck, a coach and a leadership trainer, and I'm super passionate about helping you find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it, and go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance, and I believe that real leaders don't wait.

They create, I know firsthand that life is gonna throw us curve. That we're gonna doubt our greatness, our ideas, and our contributions. And my goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason. And I get to be a coach and a champion for you each week so that you feel inspired, motivated, and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world.

So let's jump in. Hey there everyone, This is Coach Kelly. Welcome back to, Let's be Honest, Before we start pretending where we are taking the lead in our life with ownership, Baby. Yes, we are. This whole entire month we have been. Talking all about ownership in different contexts. So we started out with our fourth quarter finale so you could finish your year strong and most importantly, really understanding what you're learning along the way.

We talked about accountability as your B fff. We had April lichens on that helped us own our health and stay out of exhaustion and, and have ways to really work with stress. And stay outta burnout, all those things. It was amazing taking ownership for our health. It was awesome. We talked about trust, we talked about it in a different way.

new knees that are coming in:

I, I teased y'all last week and she's here, She's here live with me right now. Uh, she has been on the podcast twice before, back in, my goodness, it's probably season. And then again in season two. And that is the most amazing Gia Hellwig, and I'm not gonna say Gia Hellwig of, because she's gonna tell you what's happening and where she is with a business that she started during the pandemic and then.

What's happening with that and where she's headed. So I'm gonna let her tell you all of that. I'm gonna let her tell you of that. Here's what I want you to know about gia. Gia is amazing. She is someone that is someone that, in my observation of her, is one of the most integrous human beings with her. Time.

Well, she's an integrous human being, period. And very specifically with her time because with what she does, Sometimes I'm like, How are you getting all the things that you are up to done? Well, she has a fun tool called calendar integrity. Okay? Now you've probably heard about calendar integrity out there in the world.

Okay, And what the heck does that even mean? Well, what it means is that if we are in ownership for what we want, like you're gonna get to hear about GIA in. And her being in ownership for it. If we're in ownership for our business, our health, a project, anything that we wanna create, then that means that we've gotta schedule time for it.

We've gotta schedule time for it. So for some of you out there that might work with clients or you know, you have a boss that you report to, something like that, and you know you have a deadline, you're gonna hit the dead. Because you said so, right? Or for, Or you're gonna show up for your client. You're gonna be on time because it's scheduled in your calendar.

it's scheduled in there, right? And so you're going to get it done because, It's in there. You've created an agreement and it's happening, but oftentimes when it comes to us ourself, when we're up to big things or anything, some things do we hold that same integrity to the calendar. When it comes to self, okay.

As an example from last week when we were talking about staying in integrity and being in trust, am I doing the exercises to improve my core, my upper body strength and cardio? Is it in the calendar? Am I putting my, that appointment as important? As a client appointment, the answer is yes. Okay. Woo. We're one weekend.

Yes. And by the way, remember I said I'm locked and loaded with accountability. Gia is also one of my accountability, accountability partners on this journey, right? And when she's tough, she, you can't, uh uh, Like I do not want to have to send her a text that says, Yeah, now I'm not doing it today, . Okay. So without further ado, cuz I could go on and on about the concept of calendar integrity, but we're gonna do it with Gia.

And not only that, I am super excited for her to be here today because she's got some updates. So Gia, welcome back to the podcast. I am so excited you're here. How are. Thank you for having me. Well, I'm super excited because today it's Halloween and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So, um, we are just, you know, getting ready for the trick or treaters this evening.

And yeah, it's just a fun, creative, crafty holiday and so I'm very happy to be back with you and all of your fabulous listeners. Well, happy Halloween. On your favorite holiday, and Gia wants to wish you all as do I. Happy Halloween and keep it. Keep it safe, right? But get creative like Gia would say. So, so happy you're back.

Gia. We've been chomping at the bit to get Gia back on the podcast because Gia, I know that you are up to some really big shifts in your business and so I'm gonna ask you a question that I know that you get. I know you understand it, but let me give some context to the listeners. You're gonna hear me ask Gia, where are you getting to be in ownership for your.

Not necessarily what she's doing, although you're gonna hear some of that, but where she gets to be in ownership. Okay? So what? What she's gonna share with you is where she's being in it, what she's doing, and it's not always comfortable. Am I right, Gia? That is correct. . It's not always comfortable. Yeah.

Yeah. So Jill, where are you getting to be in ownership for your business? Yeah. So, um, I am an ownership that I've really discovered. What gets me excited about being in business is service. Mm-hmm. , I love being in service and having that service mindset. Uh, I love to help people in practical ways that move them forward.

Yes. So notice what Gia said. I love being in. That is so core for her, and as she's moved through the last couple of years, gosh, I mean almost three honestly, right? She's really getting to see that being in service is the core to where she wants to create an impact and take the lead in her life, and one of those areas.

kage to go launched in May of:

In one complete box that is, I remember. Do y'all remember? From Party Package to go. I know that some of you do because some of you connected with Gia from hearing her on the podcast, which was super exciting. Super exciting, and I just, I like, I can go back to that day. I can remember Gia, those ideas percolating and what's something that I can do different?

What could create impact right now? Where can I serve people right now? And. Such a brilliant idea, such a brilliant idea that not only was an idea, you committed to it, you created it, and therefore you have party package to go. What can you acknowledge yourself for in creating party package to go? I can acknowledge myself for what I created.

Creating nothing into something, there wasn't something there in that space before. So I put something there and putting it into the space during the pandemic served a purpose. That's why I did it. What was the purpose that it served? Yeah, so Party Package to Go was designed to create joy and. By creating experiences in other people's lives and during the pandemic.

We all know that was extremely hard, especially at the beginning. And so I wanted a way for people to continue to have some normalcy. Yes. So for some of you who are new here and maybe have not yet heard some of those past episodes, what Gia created was literally a party in a box ready to go, and she's very much about creating experiences and so, During the pandemic, it became really hard to celebrate.

Places were closed, hard to get to, things like that. And so Gia created a most beautiful pivot for people. I remember it really well. My son, Brad, he was graduating from undergraduate and the pandemic hit, and so there was no live graduation. I was so grateful that Gia had this idea and she started out with graduation packages because notice she started in May, and there was a real need for being able to support graduates who were not necessarily gonna be walking a stage and were gonna be pivoting and maybe having some Zoom graduations, things like that.

It was, it, it was like bonkers. People were going nuts for it. And I'm, I, I, myself was one of her. I think I was your first customer. I believe you were. I think I was your first customer because we wanted to do a surprise zoom graduation for Brad. That's right. And she just made it so easy, like a box arrived, you open it up and it's like you had an instant party in like 10 minutes.

It was awesome. To this day, we still talk about it in our house. So Gia, I know that you created so much joy all across the United States. I remember watching you like color in the States as you were moving into a new state with these wonderful packages. And why are you, I might be bomb Drum roll. In case y'all wanna know GMA be moving away from party package to go.

In fact, she is. Gio, why are you moving away from party package to go? because I truly feel like it served its purpose. Mm-hmm. , it did what I created it to do. And also there is less of a demand now that we are able to get back together in person and, and do things the way that we have done things before.

And I'm also feeling the pool to serve others in other impactful ways. It is a huge thank you to everyone who boarded and participated and supported me, and I just, I look forward to what's. Yeah, absolutely. When, um, Gia created party package to go, it was during the pandemic and she got laid off from her job.

So if you go back and listen to earlier episodes, you, you, or you remember, if you've listened, you remember. And at that time, she was in ownership for, you know, what am I doing to, you know, bringing in. Income, you know it to her household. And she learned that she really loved, even though it's challenging being in business for herself and being able to create and all of those things all along the way.

But at that time of being laid off, she really, I remember being her, being very much in ownership for here's, we always call it a nut. Here's. This is the nut. This is what I gotta create. This is the nut that's going to keep the household moving forward. And I know I can do it. Not saying it wasn't scary, but I know I can do it.

And then like tapping into her creative side of her, which might be all sides of Gia quite frankly, , she like, was like, I have this, I've had this idea for a while. Like, what, what, what do I think? What, what? And man, she went gangbusters and like it was. Amazing, amazing. So, Gia, what have you seen, or what questions have you been asked over the course of being in business?

Uh, just a little over two years. You're really moving into your third year, um, now that, that your focus is shifting. Yeah. So a lot of what I have been asked is how do you fill in the blank, How did you fill in the blank about starting or running my business? So a great example of this is how do you schedule and maintain calendar integrity when it comes to all of the things one does as a solo business owner?

Ooh, it's so good. It's so good because. When you're taking that kind of leap of faith and becoming a solopreneur entrepreneur, starting your own business, turning your passion into like, not just an idea, but a committed product thing, whatever you wanna call it, calendar integrity is super important because, The doubter can come in, your imposter can come in.

The O tendency to overthink can come in. There's all sorts of things. Which way do I go, Alice? Which way do I go? And I think without having calendar integrity, you could be stuck. You could be really stuck overthinking it as a possibility, right? So what are you passionate about and what are you focusing on through your business transition?

Something tells me that calendar integrity might have something to do with it. I don't know. Tell us. Yes. So I've discovered really and truly how passionate I am about serving others. About my desire to serve those on a similar solo entrepreneur path. So my purpose and what I'm moving towards now is designing plans and systems for lost and confused solopreneurs so that they can easily and confidently move forward in order to achieve their personal and business goals.

It's brilliant. It's brilliant. What I love about it is it's taking your story and what you found in creating your own business and turning it into. A next level business for you so that you can help solopreneurs who could possibly be lost or lost and confused, and so that they can really easily and confidently move forward and achieve those business goals.

It's absolutely brilliant. See, what Gia learned is, oh my gosh, I really. Learned a lot through this process, and actually I'm really good at helping others with this too. It's brilliant, Gia. It's brilliant. Now, as you know, I've known for a while something I know about you that others might not know about you is that you love teaching.

Yes, you are correct. Um, I do love teaching, especially when it's something that will simplify your life. . Yeah. Let's remove all of the extra steps, shall we? And I find that when we're a solo business owner, I feel like we walk on all of the steps. It's like being trapped inside of Esther's, drawing of relativity.

If you don't know what that is, look it up and it will make all of the sense. It's just, it's stairs and staircase. Everywhere. And sometimes that's what it feels like to be in business for yourself. Everybody Google that usher's drawing of relative relativity. I just saw that in my mind, and it does feel like that when you are a solo business owner and what, what G's talking about, like solo business owner, meaning I don't necessarily yet have a team of people.

That I can lean into, that I can delegate to , to like brainstorm with, to have accountability, collaboration, all that kind of thing. For sure. When we are a solo business owner and we've not yet scaled to that, I have a team, right? Cause we all start some. And usually it's solo. Usually it's solo. So I love that the drawing of the steps going everywhere.

Holy moly. It certainly absolutely feels like that. So can you tell us how that's gonna be showing up in your rebrand coming soon? You bet. So I wanted to create a place for solopreneurs to build their toolbox. So picture going into a hardware store where you can find your how to schedule tool, your how to start your social media for your business tool, your how to set up your accounting system tool, et cetera.

So as solo business owners, we are it, like you were just saying, we are, it starts and ends with us. Many of us don't start out being able to outsource the, The goal can be to outsource mm-hmm. . But at the beginning, that just isn't the case for most people. Yeah, it's so true. And sometimes we're not even thinking about what in the world do I need in the toolbox?

Actually, what do I need? I love that. Pretend you're in a hardware store and you're pulling your tools for your toolbox. Well, gee whiz, what are the tools I actually need to get this party started? Right? Like, what are these? So that is so great. I wanna go back to the example you gave earlier about scheduling and maintaining calendar integrity when it comes.

All of the things one does as a solo business owner. I resonate so much with that. Can we dive in there please? Yes, let's do it. Hey, so ownership, connection to scheduling and calendar integrity. It's a skill and one that you are really good at, like extremely good at like. You start and end your day that way.

I know that to be true. And so what did taking ownership of that skillset look like for you? Yeah. Well first thank you. I appreciate that. So since we're being honest, before we start pretending, I honestly didn't realize it was a skill until I heard over and over again from clients and in convers.

Passing that people wish they could schedule like me, or how do you maintain a schedule because that's not a skill I possess. So I took a step back and realized something that comes easily to me in my zone of genius is scheduling. And it immediately got me thinking, Hey, I wanna help others learn this skill and be successful.

Yeah, absolutely. It's a big skill that will absolutely drive the course of your day and much more so in the way that you want it to. So I love this. How do you approach this tool? Will you share. Of course. So I once learned this awesome tool called Pop from this amazing coach named Coach Kelly . It is my favorite tool.

I don't know if we've talked about this on the podcast, so Gia might be spilling some beans here, which is really, really good. It's a tool pop, I call it pop it, and it is literally like I don't leave home without it. So if you've worked with me at. And those of you that work with me know where G is going right now, and I am here for it.

Go, Gia. Yeah. So I had a light bulb moment when thinking about scheduling and calendars. Why not teach it as in an easy format such as pop, right? So it stands for purpose, Outcome process three. Super easy to follow. So everyone always asks how to schedule, and I found that it's best to start with the why, aka your purpose.

Ask yourself a couple questions. Why is learning to schedule important to you? Why do you wanna build your scheduling skill set? And I think this is an important step because again, like Kelly talks about all the time, if we're coming from a place of. You're not going to get in ownership, you're not going to take action.

It's just one of those things that you hear that you should be doing because you're a business owner. Mm. And, and I mean, and it also applies to anyone who's works with scheduling, but in this context, speaking specifically to, to business owners and, and the skill. So once you understand your why, next comes your.

Your outcomes, your goals, What are the outcomes you wanna create for yourself By learning how to schedule. Once we've gotten clear on why and whats, then we can jump into the how. That's the process. The process of actually learning how to schedule in a way that supports. You, because not everybody is going to schedule in the same way.

Not everybody's schedules are the same way. Not everybody has the same responsibilities. So before you jump into figuring out, you know, my favorite highlighter colors and I wanna go to Michael's and buy all of the, the fancy paper calendars, Shiny paper. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Let's, let's get, let's get clear . Yeah, I think it's brilliant that you are, are looking at it from that point of view, why and what now that we definitely talk about on this podcast.

All the time. All the time before you move to how literally get clear why you want something, why it's important, and what are those very specific outcomes and goals you have. Cause then it's gonna make the how so much simpler, quite frankly. You won't be distracting yourself at my goals with all the shiny paper, right?

You're gonna know exactly what's wanted and needed, that's gonna support your purpose and outcome. So I love. G that you're, that you have that like, that you wanna teach people that skill set, because it's true. Everybody works differently. And so I love that you're gonna help people find the way it works for them best.

That's amazing. So speaking of, is there a way people can learn to schedule from. There is Absolutely. So I am currently working on my first e-course that is all things scheduling and calendaring, and this is part of where I'm shifting my business. So remember I mentioned earlier about picturing yourself walking into a hardware store without the tools to build the business.

Well, the first tool that I am building for you is all about. And why I'm starting there is because learning the why, the what and the how of scheduling will ultimately save you time. And not only as a business owner, but people in general who, who doesn't love to save time. It's a, it's a big one. It's huge.

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs. I work with a lot of women leaders, and one of the things that. Literally here when I ask What do you want in your abundant life vision, and literally it is freedom. and it almost always comes to freedom of my time, my time, right? It is a hot commodity, time, one in which we all have available to us.

So a lot of times, you know, people will talk about, uh, time management classes and all those, and they're all fantastic. They're all great. What it comes down to is what G'S talking about, which is really understanding why it's important, what I want in my goals and my outcomes, and ultimately how am I managing myself with the time that I have and staying in ownership of it, being in integrity.

So it's not like you're, you know, calendar integrity just sounds so funny to me, like I'm integrity with my calendar. Because that's where you write stuff down that's important to you that you wanna get done. So I think this is so, so, so exciting. I happen to know. Wait, let me ask you another question before we go there.

How will listeners know when they can purchase your course? Up on my email list. So I will be announcing when the course is all ready to go on my email list first. And you can join my email list by going to the link in my Instagram bio. I'm at Gia Helwig. It's two Ls, not like the winery up here in Northern California, but I'm H E L L.

Uh, gimme a follow while you're there too. And by going to my website, and signing up through the. Great, great. So on the Instagram at Gia Helwig, Gia, H E L L w I G. Say that with me five times fast. And then also her website, same, and you can sign up through the popup. That's awesome. I happen to know that you've got something special for our listeners today.

Can you please. Let them know what it is. Sure. So I couldn't resist. And in the spirit of scheduling, I wanted to share my daily time blocking template that I've created for myself. I, I literally use it every day. It's a great way to lay out your day, keep you on track, move you forward. And the big thing to remember is not all projects have to be started and completed all at.

What are you sure ? Yeah. Let that, let that sink in a second. Just because we put it on our. . It doesn't mean it always has to be started and completed in the same day. Yeah. So I am a huge fan of breaking down whatever the project is, and by blocking out times in my day, I can break a project down. Mm-hmm. , so it's not just like do the big thing.

Mm-hmm. , it's this piece of, this thing is happening today. Mm-hmm. , and it's scheduled and then I can forget about it and I get away from. Mile long to-do list. I love that so much. It's, we've talked about this too on the podcast, is creating those completions toward the ultimate completion because it releases energy.

It's clear space in your head to continue to work in your zones of genius, knowing that the project's moving forward. I love that so much. Tia, where can they snack the. Sure. So the template is slash daily time block template. It's also available in my Instagram bio, and I know Kelly's gonna drop it in the show notes for this podcast episode.

A hundred percent. I will, I will, in the show notes, have all the ways to connect with Gia as well as the link to grab this amazing template. Thank you so much for sharing that with everyone, Gia. It's You're welcome. It's golden. I'm so excited. Gia. Anything else that you would like to share with our listeners as we wrap up?

I wanna say thank you so much for having me back on the podcast. Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with your listeners. And if you all wanna come along for my rebrand journey, remember to hop on my email list, you'll get updates. There will be more resources and first access to my. Amazing, amazing.

Gia, thank you so much for coming back on the podcast. I literally couldn't think of anyone better when we were talking about, you know, scheduling and how to really, as a solopreneur or really an entrepreneur with a team, somebody who it, it don't just have to be a solopreneur, like this is golden for being able to move forward with the things that are important.

Moving forward, taking the lead in your life with the things that are important to you. So I am so grateful you came back on, especially in the month of October, which is all about, it's all about ownership, all about ownership. It's all about trust, it's all about integrity, and I couldn't think of anyone better to talk about that so that we're not alone on these journeys through creating the things that we want.

I am excited you. Grab that template cuz I'm telling you, Gia is literally creating her second business. Okay, let that one sink in for a minute. She is creating her second business. It's, and I, I happen to know cuz I get to work with Gs so I happen to know what is coming and it is spectacular. So get on her email list, join her on the rebrand journey.

She's amazing. She is a. Force. She is a force and absolutely you wanna stay connected, work with her, all of the things, because Gia is brilliant and she absolutely makes being a solopreneur. That much easier. All right, Gia, you are amazing. Thanks for being here today and y'all. Thanks for listening to today's episode.

I know that there was some major good nuggets shared and wisdom with Gia, and I thought it was super fun that you guys could hear the update on where she's growing. Spectacular. It's spectacular. So remember, you have a choice to lead your life or follow your circumstances, and life is about knowing your passions, your purpose, your values, and when it's time to let go of something that served so well because you've realized that you've grown and you have new passions that you want to go and create an impact in others' lives, just like Gia is doing right.

And so remember, this G is making it sound easy, and G will be the first one to tell you. It's not always easy, but you don't have to do it alone. Ever, ever, ever. And it won't always look the way we think it's supposed to. And we get to trust that more always gets revealed as we move forward. Let go of worry.

Let go of doubt. Ask for help. You know, we're not alone in this thing called life and we get to live fully the best versions of ourselves. So Gia, thank you again for being here. You are amazing. Thank you for listening. Everyone. Have a happy Halloween on G'S favorite holiday of the year, and have a great week ahead.

And you know the drill. Be in ownership if it's not shaping up the way you want it to take the lead and create a fantastic. I will talk with you in November, and a new theme will be revealed. Have fun, everyone. Take care. Thanks for listening to another episode of, Let's Be Honest, Before we start pretending for more resources on taking the lead in your life, head over to Kelly j moc dot.

And connect with me on Instagram at Coach Kelly Moak. If this episode was helpful for you, please feel free to share it with friends. Rate and review it on iTunes. That's Apple Podcasts now, and at any time, feel free to connect with me and let me know what you want to hear next or what you're working on.

I'm happy to help. Thanks again for listening, and here's to you taking the lead in your life.