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11 - Crossing Party Lines with Arielle Mizrahi & Matt Kuchem
Episode 1116th February 2024 • Not My Generation • Possibilities, Inc.
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Political polarization seems to continue to grow. Republicans and Democrats can't seem to find a way to compromise and work together (Just as Sen. James Lankford). Social media is filled with insults hurled towards political opponents and memes making fun of those with whom we disagree. What can be done?

Enter Unify America and the Bipartisan Policy Center. In this episode, Emily & James visit with Arielle Mizrahi of Unify America and Matt Kuchem from the Bipartisan Policy Center. They discuss the work they are doing to help bridge the divide between people and officials of opposing political views.

Emily has had her students participate in Unify America's "College Bowl" and James has been involved in the Bipartisan Partisan Center's "Campus Free Expression" project. We're big fans of both organizations and their missions. Find out what they think is creating so much division, and how we can overcome it.

To learn more about Unify American and find out how you can participate in one of their programs, go here:

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To read the "Perception Gap" Study by More in Common that is discussed in this episode, go here:

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