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The True Cost of Free is Freedom
Episode 9114th June 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Freedom is NEVER free. We invest in things all the time. Yet, MEN struggle with investing in themselves not just financially but in a lot of ways. When going through a tough time, most guys choose to read, watch videos, or sit around and hope that their problems will disappear instead of investing in a company or someone who can help them. They haven't realized there’s a cost to freedom – it isn't FREE. 

Fixing something costs something. It’s a process. Every moment you make a decision, there’s an opportunity cost attached to it. So just think about it, what are your choices costing you right now? If you're tired of just being good and you’re FINALLY willing to invest in yourself to become an empowered man, then this episode is for you.

“A man that asks for help and is willing to invest in that help says something about what he values.”

- Mark Santiago


In This Episode:

- Mark just invested $30K in Empowered Men. THIS is why he did it…

- Do you understand the concept of opportunity cost? What are your choices costing you right now?

- What are you willing to invest in exchange if you want to have confidence, power, and freedom?

- When spending money on something, are you truly investing in your future, or are you just masking the pain?

- HERE are some steps to begin investing in yourself

- Men have five POWER zones. Looking at each of them is the first thing we do to help you…

- THIS is how you should craft your Game Plan. No guessing game or some theoretical textbook approach.

And much more…

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