Real Estate Litigation with Michelle Harrell
Episode 267th February 2024 • The Litigation War Room • Maxwell Goss
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Attorney and host Maxwell Goss interviews Michelle Harrell, a partner and litigation attorney at Taft Law. Michelle tells the entertaining story of her epic, six-year battle against the City of Pontiac on behalf of her client, the owner of a commercial office complex in the City of Pontiac. Michelle discusses the twists and turns in the case and the amazing result she got for her client. This conversation includes many great takeaways for real estate litigation and for the litigation practice in general.


  • 00:18 – Introduction
  • 01:54 – About Michelle Harrell
  • 03:02 – Michelle on real estate litigation
  • 03:38 – Ottawa Towers vs. City of Pontiac
  • 24:25 – Condemnation action
  • 37:34 – Michelle's advice for property disputes
  • 40:36 – Litigating against the government


Michelle Harrell's Attorney Bio


The Litigation War Room is hosted by litigation lawyer Maxwell Goss. Max represents clients in intellectual property and business cases throughout Michigan and around the country, bringing forceful advocacy and creative solutions to every case he handles.


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