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Ep 01 We Can Overcome Anxiety
Episode 11st June 2024 • Sobriety Bestie Podcast • Kirsten Johnson
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I'm so excited to have you here for the Sobriety Bestie Podcast where we'll go on a journey together through emotional sobriety, unapologetically expressing yourself and building a purpose driven business. Because the world needs your wisdom!

But first things first, we've got to start with anxiety.

Because anxiety is what stops most of us.

Anxiety takes A LOT of us down.

Clearly alcohol made the anxiety go away, but then alcohol made the anxiety worse. Now that we're sober, we can get TF off the downward anxiety spiral and end our anxiety era.

Yep, anxiety is NOT forever.

We CAN get free from anxiety.

I mean, not ALL anxiety, ya, we're always going to have a nervous system. But the crippling hysterically crying the floor in an anxiety attack downward spiral hell...

THAT is not forever.

We CAN overcome overwhelming anxiety.

Adventure with me in this first podcast episode to find out how (and share it with your friends!).

🛼Wanna know the SECRET to feeling comfortable in your skin, confident at work and courageous in life, sober? 

I’ll show you how in my free mini course, click here to get started!

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