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Ep 90: How to Bulletproof Your Knees with Dr. Jon Gardner
Episode 9012th September 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you struggle with knee pain in your training? Joining me on the show today is Dr. Jon Gardner, the Regional Director and Sports Physical Therapist at True Sports Physical Therapy. The knee is a tricky joint and when pain is present, it can be a huge setback in your training and even in your normal daily routine.

Most knee pain can be preventable, which is why I wanted Jon to sit down with me to unpack the tactics and strategies you should utilize to ensure you are pain-free. What a lot of this comes down to is focusing on what’s going on above the knee (at the hip) and below the knee (at the foot and ankle). Jon and I dive into a bird’-eye view of the hinge joint and how the hip, foot and ankle impact function and pain performance. We also discuss tips you can use to build ankle, foot, and calf strength, which will ultimately help strengthen your knees.

We then do a deep dive into how the hip complex contributes to knee pain and ways you can reclaim your range of motion in your hips. We then share a handful of exercises you can do to improve motion and control. In a lot of cases, many people are stuck managing pain symptoms instead of fixing the true underlying driver. So, listen in as Jon and I unpack what you need to do to build yourself bulletproof knees.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • [04:45] Intro to Dr. Jon Gardner
  • [09:25] Bird's-eye view of the hinge joint
  • [11:01] The layering effect
  • [13:05] Tendinopathy type pain versus general PFPS
  • [15:39] The hip, foot and ankle's impact on function and pain performance
  • [18:25] Strategies you can use to build ankle, foot, and calf strength
  • [21:43] Unstable surface training
  • [27:35] How the hip complex contributes to knee pain
  • [34:41] Reclaiming the range of motion in your hips
  • [37:50] The impact of variations on split squats
  • [41:10] Utilizing the step up to improve control
  • [44:57] Where to find Dr. Jon Gardner


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