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4·03 Take One For The Team ⠀ (Resurrection: What Was Lost, Part 2)
Episode 325th October 2022 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·03: Resurrection: What Was Lost, Part 2

The crew discovers how far Scorpius has fallen in the Peacekeeper ranks. They must find and activate all the probes to stop the magnetic storm on Arnesk, but someone doesn't want them stopped.

“The crew hatch a plan to escape before the magnetic field bleaches the skin from their bones but they end up finding something they weren't looking for. We ask the question how many lives a grasshopper has and the commandant forgets her safe word. ” (thanks Marky See!)

“In tonight episode we find out the question that everyone has been dieing to find out. Does those hot paints make John Crichton ass look big? Well do they? Turn in and find out. ” (thanks Blackrain!)

First aired on Friday, 21 June 2002, written by Justin Monjo, and directed by Rowan Woods

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