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Why Marriage Counseling Doesn't Work
Episode 1036th September 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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So you get divorced or need help with your marriage, and you go to a friend or someone you trust who’s been there before. What happens when that doesn’t help? You try couples counseling and individual therapy and feel like your wheels are spinning. You’re rehashing the past – but you’re not going anywhere. Where do you go, and what do you do?

In this episode, Mark commiserates with men in this position because he’s been there. But he’s also figured out where to go when it’s time to get a Return On Investment on all those tears. The Empowered Man will teach you how to harness your masculinity and learn to start hitting the ‘me’ button and stop hitting the ‘she’ button. Becoming the CEO of your life starts here!

“We call you out so that we can call you into your greatness.”

- Mark Santiago 

In This Episode:

- Mark describes likely scenarios of what you’ve tried when your relationship is in trouble

- Where most men end up after therapy (how to stop talking about the past)

- Neutralizing the power that your wife has over you

- Setting boundaries, taking ownership – becoming the CEO of your life

- Remembering that the power lies in your perspective

- Real men don’t go hunting alone – the power of the Thrive program

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