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Podcasting Experiments - Joshua Rivers EPISODE 7, 7th January 2015
207: The 9 pages you may want on your website
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207: The 9 pages you may want on your website

When you are blogging, you also want to consider your website as a whole.  Not only do you need to focus on the content on the blog posts, or in the overall site design, but you also want to look at the pages you have.
9 website pages to consider
Depending on your unique situation, some of these pages may not apply. You can at least learn what they are and maybe you can adapt it your site. Some of these were covered in a previous podcast session (5 Key Components for Your Website).

1. About page

2. Contact page

3. Guest post guidelines

4. Hire me page

5. Store page

6. Resource page

7. Getting Started page

8. Archive page

9. 404 page - 404 to 301 plugin

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