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Episode 84: Influencer Insights With Brooke Burgstahler
14th April 2022 • Cannabis Tech Talks • Cannabis & Tech Today
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In today’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, content creator, actor, and comedian Brooke Burgstahler speaks with Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller for the cover feature of the winter 2021 issue. Burgstahler recently launched Budding Mind, a wellness and lifestyle blog focused on holistic health. Cannabis has been a big part of Burgstahler’s journey, but her true passion is acting. As the host of World of Weed, she gets to flex her journalism and acting skills while providing quality edutainment to millions of online viewers. Join this candid discussion as Burgstahler reveals her reluctance to embrace cannabis stardom before finally finding her voice as an industry influencer. Check out her cover feature for free in the winter 2021 issue of Cannabis & Tech Today. Cannabis Tech Talks are brought to you thanks to the support of Polyscience. Discover how Polyscience is changing the world of temperature control by visiting  





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