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MSL: January 27, 2022
27th January 2022 • Matt Slick LIVE • Matt Slick
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The daily radio broadcast of Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: Does the grounding of knowledge require the existence of God. How was Jesus not contaminated by our sin if he took it upon himself? What advice do you have for an LDS missionary who comes to faith and is disowned by their family? Where, in the Old Testament, is the resurrection of Christ mentioned? What books can you suggest for learning about Jewish customs of the Bible times? What do you think about the gap theory? How do you know if you're saved?   ==> Subscribe to the CARM Odysee Channel: ==> Watch Matt Slick LIVE on Odysee: ==> Subscribe to the CARM YouTube Channel: ==> Subscribe to the Matt Slick YouTube Channel: ==> Like CARM on Facebook: ==> Visit the CARM Website: ==> Donate to CARM:




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