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20. Living with Purpose: How a Three-Time Cancer Survivor Dedicates His Life to the Future, with Doug Ulman
Episode 2019th May 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Doug Ulman has dealt with several crises in his life, but his upbringing has led him to approach those with the perspective that anything is possible. As a three-time survivor of cancer, that perspective has not only served him well — it’s been proven out time and time again. 

After overcoming chondrosarcoma during his sophomore year of college and malignant melanoma twice since, Doug and his family founded the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and connecting young adults, their families, and friends who are affected by cancer. Doug is also the President and CEO of Pelotonia, a nonprofit raising funds for life-saving cancer research.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:31] Can you share your childhood story and what that looked like for you?
  • [06:26] What kind of influence did growing up with a parent who has an artist have on you?
  • [08:41] What was it like as you progressed through high school?
  • [15:11] Have you had any reflections or thoughts about what this time is making you assess?
  • [18:05] What learnings did you gain from playing soccer at a high level?
  • [21:35] What happened when you got into trouble as a kid?
  • [29:18] Can you tell us the story of when you were diagnosed with cancer?
  • [38:31] What happens after college and how do you get into the career you are in?
  • [44:58] What was your experience working with Lance Armstrong?
  • [53:34] What fueled your decision to move to Columbus?
  • [58:17] What is going on in the future of Pelotonia?

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