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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown EPISODE 13, 23rd July 2020
Talking with Susan Diaz and Will Lamont of The 4AM Report
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Talking with Susan Diaz and Will Lamont of The 4AM Report

In episode 13 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Susan Diaz and Will Lamont, business partners at c+p digital, and co-hosts of The 4AM Report.

The show combines marketing discussions, societal issues, wacky lessons from marketing mishaps, and more. Having just celebrated the one year anniversary of the show, Susan and Will dropped in to talk about the experience so far.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how their love of asking people questions, and going with the flow, resulted in the podcast
  • how the 4am hook came from being up at 4am in the morning as agency owners, worrying about clients, work projects, etc
  • whether they would have a live show at 4am in the morning
  • how they use bonus content in the 4pm show, Thirsty Thursday
  • how they became comfortable with controversial topics on their show
  • why marketing should be fun, and how they’re using their show to promote that
  • why brands need to be be consistent when talking about their values around societal issues
  • how Will’s behind the scenes experience has helped the podcast overall
  • why having a co-host helps drive the efficiency of their own podcast, and those they produce for others
  • why they’re particularly proud of their episode that talked about a scandal the Canadian Prime Minister was involved in
  • why you need to learn to be okay with being uncomfortable to bring the best show
  • why you need to look beyond the vanity metrics of your show to see the true impact
  • why getting over their imposter syndrome has helped get high visibility guests
  • why podcasting is the perfect medium to keep your networking opportunities live during the pandemic
  • how your podcast can drive multiple arms of your content strategy
  • how Will found himself travelling with Canadian cheese across country

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