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199. How To Show Up As Your Most Confident Self In 2022 with Danielle Canty
Episode 1994th January 2022 • The BossBabe Podcast • BossBabe
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Over the past year, BossBabe Co-Founder + President, Danielle Canty, has been on a journey towards increasing her self confidence and becoming a more wholehearted version of herself. 

And in this week’s episode, she’s sharing her journey with you.

From therapy to visualization, connecting with your inner child + more – Danielle is covering it all. This isn't a surface-level conversation, but a real opportunity to get to the root of your limiting beliefs and expand beyond the internal narrative that isn't serving you anymore. 

If you're ready to explore what is blocking your capacity to show up authentically and finally step into a bigger, brighter version of yourself, this episode is THE place to start. Listen now! 


  • How Danielle Canty shifted her internal narrative to develop more self confidence
  • The turning point that enabled Danielle to let go of limiting beliefs
  • Visualization, journaling, therapy + other tools to support your growth
  • Steps to cultivate self-kindness + authentic confidence
  • What it really looks like to connect with your inner child + extend compassion to yourself