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Seth Sternberg, Founder of Meebo & Honor
Episode 77th December 2020 • Startups for Good • Miles Lasater
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Seth Sternberg, Founder of Meebo & Honor

Honor is working to re-invent in-home care for parents. Honor is  on a mission to enable parents to live in their own homes for as long as they please! Honor has 300+ HQ employees, is operating in 6 states and has raised $220M+ in capital.

At Google Seth was Product Management Director for Google+ Platform. They launched Google+ Sign-In, a great way for users to connect their Google experience with the rest of the internet. Seth Co-Founded Meebo along with Elaine Wherry and Sandy Jen. He is Incredibly proud of the entire Meebo team and all that it accomplished - they reached north of 100M US Uniques monthly and revenue in the mid 8 figure range. Meebo was acquired by Google in June, 2012.

Prior to Meebo Seth was at the Stanford GSB. He left a few weeks into his second year when Meebo began growing too fast to concentrate on both. His first job out of school was at IBM in their Corporate Development group where he learned a ton. 

Seth Sternberg joins me today to discuss how he got started as an entrepreneur creating Meebo, with some of his fellow business school chums. Seth discusses the many challenges with startups but also how mission driven startups pushes you through to the rewards. He also shares how his station in life informed his next venture, Honor, an elder care provider company and how that company utilizes technology. Seth shares with us how being a mission driven company has helped him to perform better as a business. Honor had some challenges during the COVID pandemic and Seth discusses the many ways that the company addressed them and innovated during a difficult time. 

“I could have some pretty great returns, but I could also truly make the world a better place for a certain segment of the population. And that's like, by far the number one thing that being a mission driven company, I think gets us is really great people.”

 - Seth Sternberg

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • How to find good people to work with on startups
  • Does the team come first or the idea
  • Managing an elder care company during COVID-19
  • Machine learning and how it relates to the complexities of elder care
  • Long term orientation
  • How to communicate with employees differently than investors

Connect with Seth on Twitter: @SethJS

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