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1 - An Act of Protest
Episode 127th April 2020 • Radio Elusia • Boundless Theatre
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High up on the 17th floor Raphael broadcasts across the city. Having come from the courthouse where a landmark vote is taking place, Raphael looks to the citizens of Elusia to protest. In a city with increasing surveillance will a law that seeks to sanction all communication pass?

Welcome to Elusia, a weekly fiction podcast from Boundless Theatre. Inspired by youth culture, utopias and power this new audio drama tells the story of teenagers, rebellion and transmission in the fictional city of Elusia.

Be ready. Be listening. And do not be afraid. This is Radio Elusia.

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Episode Credits:

You’ve been listening to Radio Elusia, a Boundless podcast production.

Radio Elusia is written by Nina Segal.

The episode was directed by Rob Drummer 

Original music and sound design by FATHER.

The series Associate Director is Robert Awosusi. 

In this episode you were listening to: 

Joseph Adelakun as Raphael

Valerie Vansovica as Lia

Chantelle Amon as Suz 

Megan Jarvie as Newsreader

and Pip Williams as the Recording

The episode was recorded mixed and mastered in London by FATHER and commissioned and produced by Boundless Theatre

Radio Elusia is part of Welcome To Elusia, an Extended Universe project co-funded by the creative Europe programme of the European union. 

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