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Who’s really killing Granny?
Episode 1016th August 2021 • Imagining Freedom • Natalie Minnis
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Latest figures from Public Health England show that the numbers of double-jabbed people being hospitalised and dying with the "Delta Variant" have increased in the last month, and are now twice as high as the number of unvaccinated suffering the serious effects of this variant.

And this is a trend being reflected around the world, in the US, Fiji, Israel and Iceland.

So why are these dangerous vaccines still being pushed on people? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that proof of vaccination will soon be required for entry to a range of indoor venues, including gyms and restaurants.

Are these authorities deliberately trying to spread the virus so that they can get rid of the very old and the weak, and bring in more lockdowns?

It really is beginning to look that way.

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Louis Rossman: I am an NYC business owner and I will NOT follow Mayor DeBlasio’s order


One of the reasons I’ve objected to the mask mandate, apart from the fact that I don’t like my breathing supply being restricted, and that in my opinion it’s designed to spread fear…

But one of the other things I’ve always thought the mask mandate was about was that it would morph into vaccine passports. And as the vaccines were being rushed into production, there were all kinds of scary headlines and statistics appearing in the news, reasons why we had to keep being afraid and keep wearing the masks – that is, the ones who comply with this nonsense.

I’ve complied with it on three occasions - once because I was visiting an old lady in a care home - even though we had to talk to her from outside the window - once when I was visiting a nervous neighbour, and once because I was with a compliant friend and I wasn’t in the mood to talk politics.

I love climbing, but when lockdown ended and the climbing centres re-opened, I didn’t go back there, and I haven’t been back - because there’s no way I’m going to wear a mask when I’m climbing, and even if I only have to wear it around reception or when not actually climbing, I won’t do it, for three reasons - c) because it’s ridiculous, irrational and makes no sense at all b) because I refuse to be part of this fear propaganda, and a) because I know that it’s going to morph into vaccine passports, and this is exactly what’s happening in some parts of the world.

A few months ago, I visited what used to be my favourite climbing centre, to drop off a book I was lending to one of my climbing friends. It was so weird seeing mostly very fit people wearing climbing gear and face masks - it looked like a scene from a dystopian film.

Another climbing centre that I used to frequent recently circulated an email survey, asking its regular customers some thoughts on the handling of covid, including their opinion on face masks as a condition of entry. Of course I answered that I would not visit the climbing centre as long as face masks were a condition of entry.

When the results of the survey were announced, it appeared that most people had said they would prefer face masks to be a condition of entry. And these are people who are fit enough to go climbing regularly.

I suppose it’s up to them. I’m all about choice to be honest!

A few weeks later, the centre announced:

“Mask wearing - we are not going to change that policy at all. We thought that there was a real keenness from customers to see that continue…

“Failure to comply with this will mean that we ask you to leave…”

So I haven’t gone back to the climbing centres that I used to love - which is sad, but it’s hardly the end of the world.

This is my line in the sand. I do believe that this will morph into vaccine passports – how long is it before they’ll be turning away people who haven’t been double-jabbed?

The “science” behind this – if you can call it science – is distinctly questionable.

In my last podcast I discussed the recent research from Public Health England showing that more people who have been double-jabbed have died with the “Delta variant” than people who have not had the vaccination.

Actually the figures of double jabbed deaths and hospitalisations have increased in the latest Public Health England figures. Last month 224 double-jabbed people in England had died or been hospitalised with the Delta variant, compared to 165 unvaccinated people.

The latest figures say that 402 double-jabbed people have died or been hospitalised with the Delta variant, compared to 253 unvaccinated people, which means that the number of double-vaccinated people dying or being hospitalised with this variant is increasing.

In fact, the number of double-jabbed people who have died or been hospitalised with the Delta variant has increased by 176 in the past month, compared to an increase of 88 for the number of unvaxxed people who have died or been hospitalised with this variant. This suggests that the serious effects of the Delta variant are affecting twice as many double-vaxxed as unvaccinated people in England.

It certainly seems that the concerns of antibody-dependent enhancement and vaccine-associated disease enhancement that were expressed in several scientific research papers before the covid vaccines were developed, and in the UK Government’s MHRA papers at the start of the vaccine rollout, are now sadly being borne out in reality.

Could this just be a blip? It doesn’t seem like it is, because there’s research coming in from many other parts of the world that also shows fully vaccinated people being hospitalised in much greater numbers than the unvaccinated. This is a global phenomenon.

In my last podcast I spoke about Fiji in the South Pacific experiencing an increase number of covid deaths despite - or maybe because of - the introduction of a “no jab, no job” policy in early July.

Since that policy was introduced, the numbers of covid deaths in Fiji have sadly continued to rise.

In the US, a CDC study recently reported that 74% of people who were infected with covid and four out of five people who were hospitalised with covid in Massachusetts, were fully vaccinated.

And Israel’s Ministry of Health is apparently reporting that huge percentages of people who are hospitalised and dying with covid have been fully vaccinated. This information was presented in an interview with Dr Jane Ruby on a channel called, and here’s an excerpt.

[Excerpt from interview with Dr Jane Ruby follows.]

And then Dr Ruby goes on to discuss the case of Iceland, which has a very high vaccination rate in its population, but figures released by its Ministry of Health show significantly higher rates of covid infection among the vaccinated.

[Second excerpt from interview with Dr Jane Ruby follows.]

Dr Ruby then goes on to discuss the phenomenon of antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE, which is also associated with VADE, or vaccine-associated disease enhancement. I discussed these phenomena in my last podcast, and I also mentioned an article from the scientific journal Nature, that warned about this before the vaccine rollout.

It’s interesting that Dr Ruby also mentions an article from the scientific journal Nature, but it’s a different article.

So it shows that scientific journals were really aware of this danger and were actually sounding the alarm before the rollout of these vaccines was started.

[Third excerpt from interview with Dr Jane Ruby.]

Governments around the world are aware of this. The UK government will be kept informed of Public Health England reports. So why are they continuing to coerce people into having these vaccines? Surely they should be calling a temporary halt - at the very least until more is understood about this phenomenon.

Our governments are urging us to take vaccinations that have been rushed out without being fully tested, that have vaccine-associated disease enhancement as a known potential risk, stated in the official government literature associated with them, the MHRA papers, and it’s known that twice as many vaccinated people are suffering the severe effects of the Delta variant as non-vaccinated.

With all this knowledge, why is the government still pushing people to take these vaccinations? Why are they not calling a halt to the vaccination programme, at least until more is known?

This leads me to conclude that there can be only one reason for this. And it’s the whole point of the exercise. It’s a deliberate attempt to spread this disease. The fact that it’s the very oldest and weakest people in society who are actually dying from it indicates that maybe this is a cull on the people who are seen as taking up most resources. Sounds evil? That’s because it is.

And I don’t think this the is the only aim. As this vaccine-associated disease enhancement spreads the disease, fear will also spread, giving the authorities the excuse for more lockdowns as more people become infected. The so-called “anti-vaxxers” will be blamed.

als - just as happened in the:

More people will lose their jobs, goods will become scarce, and the financial system might collapse, building up the perfect storm for the authorities to step in with more controlling measures, maybe the universal basic income, which will only be allocated to those whose vaccination certificates are up to date, who have the track and trace app on their phone… who knows what you might have to comply with in order to get this so-called “free” handout.

Dependency will be the order of the day.

I don’t expect the UBI money will be paid in cash. It will probably paid in electronic tokens that can only be spent – in effect – at the “company store”. My great grandfather in the Bahamas was the son of freed slaves, so I know what I’m talking about here!

There may be some light on the horizon, in that these increasingly authoritarian measures are starting to wake up some of the people who have been very supportive of the covid restrictions up to now.

These people might not be “fully awake” so to speak, but they are starting to question things, and in some cases, to push back.

I’ve been following Louis Rossman on YouTube for about three years. He’s a New York business owner who runs a repair shop specialising in Apple products, and he’s been campaigning for years for the “right to repair” - this is because in the US especially, it’s becoming harder and harder for independent operators to repair phones and computers. Laws are being brought in and products are being manufactured in such a way that make independent repair increasingly difficult.

In the UK and the EU our laws are not quite so restrictive, but many of the tech products we buy here are manufactured in the US, and in fact the reason I found Louis’s YouTube channel in the first place was because I wanted to buy a new phone or tablet computer - this was a few years ago - but I was having problems finding one that had replaceable batteries.

This means you have to keep replacing your device, which is not only expensive for the consumer, but it’s horrendous for the environment, and I’ll probably say more on this in another podcast.

Louis Rossman is just brilliant at getting his point across, and I don’t know how he manages to run a business that seems to be pretty successful, and put out several YouTube videos every day. He has a big following on YouTube and Odysee, and counts Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple, among his supporters.

He’s a very articulate fast talker and I’m a real admirer of him, but I don’t agree with him on several issues around covid - he supports masks and many other covid mandates. But as a big supporter of free speech and the right for people to hold an opinion, even if it’s different from mine, I’m happy to continue watching his channel!

So it was really interesting to see Louis Rossman doing a major video rant against New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s order that proof of covid vaccinations will be required for a range of indoor venues, including gyms and restaurants for employees AND customers - and I’m guessing that would include climbing centres - starting in mid-September.

This is New York, and I live in Scotland. But I’m sure that will be the case here soon – unless we push back against it.

The mandate, known as the Key to NYC Pass, is said to be part of efforts to combat the spread of the Delta variant. And going by what “the science” says - that’s the science being reported by governments around the world - it’s clear that this policy is nothing short of idiocy.

Because the vaccinations appear to be actually increasing the serious effects of the Delta variant, certainly not protecting people against it.

But even if this wasn’t the case I think this policy is outrageous, because freedom of choice over what people put into their bodies is a fundamental right.

Louis makes it very clear in his video that he is far from being an anti-vaxxer, in fact he has had his two covid jabs and he displays his vaccine record card in the video. He also says he advises others to get vaccinated.

But like me, he supports people’s right to choose what forms of medication they take.

[Excerpt from Louis Rossman’s video follows]

There’s another aspect to this, and that is the burden of responsibility being placed on independent businesses, in New York and elsewhere, many of which are already reeling due to the lockdowns.

In previous videos, Louis has spoken of the fines that he received from the New York City authorities for flouting certain regulations, and that when he asked the authorities how he could ensure that he was complying with these regulations, they couldn’t give him a clear answer, leading him to conclude that they wanted to be able to keep issuing the fines.

That fits in with everything I’ve noticed about governments and councils in the UK and elsewhere - they seem to be getting increasingly corrupt, to the point where stories of horrendous corruption can appear in the mainstream media, and people will just shake their heads and sigh and shrug their shoulders, and maybe vote for a different party at the next election.

I personally think it’s got to the point where we’re actually dealing with organised crime - organised crime has infiltrated most of the world’s governments. Maybe this has been going on for a very long time, and we’re only just beginning to see it. Or at least some of us are.

I’ve no idea whether Louis Rossman would agree with me here - he probably wouldn’t go that far. But from the way he talks, it sounds as if he’s dealing with The Mob.

[Second excerpt from Louis Rossman’s video follows]

I just love that rant. I can so understand his exasperation.

No doubt this would sound outlandish to many. But it sounds to me like he’s dealing with The Mob. And The Mob are trying to enlist him and others like him to act as their small-time drug pushers.

In another video, Louis says that some people have said he should have drawn his “line in the sand” much sooner. And that’s exactly why I refuse to wear a face mask. That is my “line in the sand”.

And if it means that I don’t get to go to the climbing centre, then that’s too bad. It’s better than moving into a dystopian society.