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How to create a tagline
Episode 1716th July 2020 • Start Marketing • Katlynn Pyatt
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Today, we're discussing how to create Taglines for your small business.

They’re meant to be short, punchy phrases that communicate your brand mission, culture or tone of your products and services. 

You want your tagline to be short and punchy, think no more than a handful of words. You have to say a lot with very little text, which is why I’d emphasize choosing those strong, illustrative words because they’ll tell more of your story in less words. Remember, this phrase is supposed to define who or what you are or the problem you solve.  

You want your tagline to be:

-  Concise; think a handful of words

-  Strategic; it should communicate your value as a business

- Relevant; your ideal customer should be able to identify with your tagline

- Simple; don’t make the language hard to understand by including a bunch of industry jargon

-  Unique: you don’t want your tagline to be applicable to just anyone

-  Most importantly, you want them to be on-brand. Remember, we’re all about building an authentic brand around here, so if you write a sentence down and it doesn’t resonate with you or “feel” right, it’s not going to feel authentic to your audience. While there’s a definite science to creating a brand, there’s also your gut instinct that’s worth listening to to make sure you’re not straying into any weird territory. For me, being authentic means feeling genuine and relatable. 

I get a blank piece of paper and start writing any words that come to mind that summarize the business I’m branding. Then, I put similar words and phrases into buckets. Then, I begin creating phrases and scrutinizing them to make them the most impactful phrase I possibly can.

Download my free tagline worksheet at to learn how to create your own tagline!

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