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Peter Wagner: Photographer, Chicago area Tour Guide, Volunteer at Children's Hospital
Episode 410th October 2022 • Fixing Chicago • Paul Bryan Roach
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Welcome to Fixing Chicago:  the podcast focused on “what right looks like,” and, how to achieve peace, educate the kids, restore vitality, and reinvent Chicago for success moving into and through the 21st century

I.  Today’s guest is Peter Wagner, from Oak Park, Illinois, and the topic is “Connecting with the City on a personal level.”

A. Growing up & Education 

B. Work Experience

II.  Work as a tour guide throughout Chicago: Getting the job? What did it entail? Who would you take around? What were their impressions of Chicago, and their favorite places?

III.  Photography

A. Personal interest and commitment to Photography

B. Photographing Chicago, Chicagoans, Aviation, Car show, tell us about the Chicago Photography scene…

IV.  Volunteering at Children’s Memorial Hospital: What has been your involvement with the hospital? What was it like? What do you feel you brought to it? What did it give to you? Tell us about the kids…

V. Closing: Thanks again for listening and if you have a topic you would like to have us discuss, or comments or feedback please either log on to and click on the “about & contact” page, or send them directly to “”

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