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Diets and DCM in Dogs: Are the Answers Found in Poop?!
Episode 194th October 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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In this episode, Dr. Megan Sprinkle and Dr. Mary Cope speak with research team members, including Dr. Renee Streeter, Dr. Brad Quest, Dr. Stephanie Clark, and Dr. Sydney Mccauley. The panel discusses the results of their research study with geneticist Dr. Andria Beal, founder of EpiPaws.

Have you ever wondered if diet ingredients have an impact on your dog's health? Have you heard the word 'digestibility' and wondered why it matters? Want to learn more about how diet impacts your dog's microbiome? In this episode, the team talks about the research discoveries and how the results may impact our dogs. Join us and dive further into your dog's bowl to uncover new information to help you make informed decisions for your pet!

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Show Notes:

(01:55)  What is this study about?  Why should you care?

(03:13)  The reasons behind doing the study.

(07:34)  Why digestibility is important in nutrition.

(12:07)  What is epigenomics and why is it important for your pet?

(13:45)  How did the research team conduct their study?

(18:52)  Macronutrients: What are they?

(19:11)  Why it’s important to have tight control over an experiment.

(21:40)  Helping manufacturers improve the consistency of their pet food.

(24:12)  The importance of testing purebred and mixed-breed dogs.

(26:55)  What data was collected?

(28:38)  What the effects of different foods were on heart health.

(32:31)  Key findings from the study.

(38:01)  The surprising result of the study.

(40:23)   The major finding: What’s good for us is good for our pets?

(42:22)  What this study means for pet owners.

(47:17)  The main takeaway.

To read the paper in the Journal of Animal Science:

Read more about this research on our BSM Partners website:




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