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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 357, 8th September 2020
Ep. 357 - Jay Shetty on Spirituality, Leadership + Finding Your Purpose
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Ep. 357 - Jay Shetty on Spirituality, Leadership + Finding Your Purpose


Welcome to a highlight of our podcasting career: a conversation with Jay Shetty. Jay started this interview by saying “Let’s have a conversation I’ve never had before.”  And so we did. If you don’t already know and love Jay, he’s known for his viral social media videos where he teaches the principles he learned during his time as a monk. He’s now the host of the FIRE podcast, On Purpose, and author of the new book “Think Like A Monk,” and let us just say - he is everything you feel from him online and more. 😍 We don’t all have to be monks to adopt the same principles that allow them to lead lives of service and purpose. Jay shares the wisdom he gained from that time in his life and how we can bring the pillars of that lifestyle into our own lives for peace, groundedness, and connection. We dive into leadership, ego, creativity, and flow, as well as how you can stay inspired on the daily. We also go deep into his spirituality and connection to source, and it’s beautiful to hear his relationship with the universe in an easy-to-access way.


We also talk about:

  • Learning marketing and business in order to let your art see the world
  • Being in service of others
  • Living as a monk
  • Becoming more adaptable
  • Blocking creativity through structure
  • Jay’s relationship with Source
  • Finding your purpose
  • The real ego VS the false ego
  • Jay’s relationship with his wife


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