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What if Luffy, Ace and Sabo Joined the Marines?
Episode 212th November 2021 • What if Anime • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name: Anime What ifs

Episode Title: What if Luffy, Ace and Sabo joined the marines?

Episode #1

You are listening to an Anime what if podcast with your host(s) Ben Thompson and Eli miller.

Segment 1: Introduction

This will be explaining anime and what we will talk about

Segment 2: Luffy, Sabo and Ace joining the marines

● Luffy has Gum Gum fruit

● Sabo and Ace have no devil fruits

● Garp is thinking all three will be pirates so before they actually become pirates he takes them

all from Dadan and goes to a marine base

● Luffy is satisfied with traveling across the world on marine ships because he thinks he's like a


● Garp would personally train luffy Ace and Sabo

● Garp notices ace has conqueror's haki

● Sengoku would personally train ace the rest of the way to develop his conquers haki and

teach him the all about the other haki

● Garp would teach Luffy and Sabo about about shave and the 6 powers, luffy would gain gear 2

and sabo would get crazy strong

● Luffy and Sabo want to go and train and go on missions with ace but Ace is way too strong for

them now because of his almost mastered haki

● Ace joins whitebeard's crew after being defeated

● Garp tells luffy and sabo not to go after him because he's way too strong for them

● Luffy and sabo get lost and run into shanks

● Luffy and shanks have conversation about saving ace

● Luffy joins ace to meet whitebeard

● They go and talk with whitebeard

● Shanks crew and luffy go to ace vs blackbeard battlefield

● Shanks crew and black beards crew battles

● Kaido arrives and fights shanks

● Ace luffy and sabo fight black beard together

Segment 3: Surprise reveal of next episodes theory

End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime

Music Credits: Mr.ruiZ

Lifeforce 9

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