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You've Got a Lead Magnet, Now What?
Episode 7531st March 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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So, you’ve just created the best lead magnet ever known to mankind.

Awesome! But now what?

Lead magnets (good ones) are a great way of getting people to join your email list.

But getting people to join your list is only a teeny tiny part of the email marketing puzzle.

When the aim of the game is to turn your subscribers into buyers, you need to make sure that your email marketing is on point, and that you’re not just emailing for the sake of emailing. Or even worse….you’re not emailing at all.

In this episode, we’re going to tell you how you can ensure that people not only want to join your list, but that they actually want to buy your stuff and even better…..become repeat customers.

You've Got a Lead Magnet, Now What?

Episode Content

  • (03:19) This is only the beginning…
  • (04:50) We all had that day
  • (05:59) You need to remember this 
  • (07:06) The difference between emails and social media
  • (07:58) How you need to treat your list…no matter what size it is 
  • (10:41) Jay Leno’s private comedy club and how this will work for your emails too
  • (12:22) The critical elements you need to take care of
  • (13:05) You want to build this…no, you need to build this
  • (15:52) Is your only audience your email? 
  • (17:14) How to turn your audience into customers
  • (19:59) This doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can make all the difference
  • (20:41) How we get our audience to trust us
  • (21:47) What is the life-time value of a customer?
  • (23:33) A mistake we see a lot of people make
  • (25:31) Quick re-cap!
  • (26:00) It’s subject line of the week time, and we have TWO for you

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