Using Core Values To Find The Heart Of A Business
Episode 122nd November 2021 • Ascending Change • Jennifer Ayres
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The heart of a business sounds like an abstract idea at first glance. But with employees leaving companies in droves as they search for purpose and meaningful work, knowing the core values and the heart of your business is more critical than ever.

Joining the Survive & Thrive podcast this week is Sasha Lund. You might know her from her podcast “Legacy Talks” but she’s also the founder and CEO of Core Values Consulting. What better guest to have on to talk about finding and implementing core values and the heart of a business. Sasha explains how core values are important and ways organizations and leaders can empower those around them.


Jeff Bone’s background (0:51)

Jeff -- the co-host for this episode -- shares some of the highlights from his career.

Introducing Sasha Lund (2:42)

Jennifer introduces Sasha to the show, who shares a bit of her background leading up to founding Core Values Consulting.

How they all met (5:10)

Jeff explains how he first met Sasha thanks to an amazing post on LinkedIn.

Why did Sasha name her company Core Values Consulting? (7:13)

Sasha can beautifully articulate the importance of establishing values and a company mission, to the point that it’s even in the name of her company. So how did she get to that company name?

Creating culture:

Identifying values (9:06)

Sasha explains how she helps identify the type of values that create a culture that is healthy for the future.

Finding purpose and the heart of the business:

Nurturing an individual’s purpose (17:39)

As we’ve covered before, more and more people are looking to find their purpose in work, making it a hot-button topic in organizations right now. Sasha explains how an organization or leader can help nurture an individual’s purpose while still maintaining company values.

Heart of the business (21:20)

Is your organization not realizing its full potential? It could be missing unrealized revenues if leaders aren’t considering the heart of the business in every decision made. And with disengaged workers and a labor shortage, not thinking about the heart of the business is a clear recipe for disaster.

Core values:

Implementing core values (26:49)

Sasha emphasizes the necessary steps to find and implement core values in a family business.

Negative core beliefs (27:41)

Sasha shares an example of when a negative core belief impacted her work and life.

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