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Episode 17 The Process Step 2 Understanding Worship
Episode 1712th July 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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Episode 17 The Process Step 2 Understanding Worship

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What is Aroma?

What is worship?

What is the aroma of worship?

What kind of an aroma do you give off to God?

Romans 12:1-2

Read Exodus 30:1-10; 35; 37:25-29 - Remember the people's life and daily work were about preparing and developing the sacrifices that they would offer at the Tabernacle. Every aspect of their life was about giving all of themselves to God so their worship would be an acceptable offering to the Lord.

John 4 (verses 22-24) - As a side note also pay attention to the food and water references that Jesus makes. I believe that the fact people would work and sacrifice and give the fruit of their labor as a sacrifice is an important aspect of worship. There are several passages that you can read that pertain to this.

We will be teaching about the 5 senses in upcoming episodes that are all part of this process of training.