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By the Sound - Ahoy Hoy! Media EPISODE 17, 25th September 2020
017: Meet Jaelynn Scott

017: Meet Jaelynn Scott

Lavender Rights Project's new Executive Director Jaelynn Scott is developing tools for Black trans liberation. She also describes her long and winding path from Mississippi to Seattle. Sarah and Aisha first discuss the Supreme Court after RBG. Also: “Class Action Park” on HBO Max.

By the Sound is produced and edited by Sarah Mayes. Episode 017 is hosted by Aisha Hauser, and Sarah Mayes. You can support the show and learn how to join our community at: https://www.patreon.com/bythesound


Class Action Park (2020)

Lavender Rights Project

Black Trans Taskforce on Facebook and Twitter

“Trans Agenda for Liberation”