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28. How to Intentionally Map Out Seasons in Life + Business
Episode 2811th October 2021 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Today's episode is, literally and figuratively, all about stepping into a new season. 

We have officially wrapped up season one of the Luminary Leadership Podcast and we are kicking off season two right here, right now!

What does it look like to consciously choose to craft a new season for your life, for your business? I believe life happens in seasons, but sometimes we get a little passive and allow those seasons to hit us when they may, instead of actually mapping them out and choosing to kick them off. If you've been in a season of rest, maybe it's time to hit the gas or if you've been in a season of constant work maybe it's time to lean into the season of family. If you've been in a season of hustle, perhaps it's your time to elevate into a season of strategy.

In today’s episode, I'm walking you through how I consciously shift from one season into the next, both in my life and my business and how I intentionally grow into leadership, new opportunities and our family's vision. 







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