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Conquering Health Battles: A Journey from Medication to Functional Medicine | Rachel Scheer
24th July 2023 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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On this episode of University of Adversity, we have Rachel Scheer, an inspiring guest who shares her journey of overcoming medication withdrawal and advocating for a holistic approach to health. Rachel's personal experience with judgment and struggles with medication withdrawal gave her empathy for others facing similar challenges. While not against medication, Rachel strongly believes in addressing the root causes of issues rather than solely relying on it.

Rachel delves into the limitations of Western medicine, highlighting how it often diagnoses based on symptom clusters without considering other important factors such as diet, lifestyle, and relationships. She emphasizes that depression can stem from various root causes, including gut health, hormone imbalances, deficiencies in vitamins and fatty acids, and exposure to toxins.

Rachel shares her experience with functional medicine, a revolutionary approach that focuses on a person's lifestyle and conducts proper testing to identify underlying imbalances and stressors. She stresses the interconnectedness of body systems and the need for a holistic view of health rather than relying solely on medication.

Rachel candidly discusses her journey of trying to come off antidepressant medication and the challenges she faced, including panic attacks, anxiety, and difficulty functioning. She learned the importance of gradually decreasing the dosage and the effects of lowered serotonin levels during withdrawal.

The conversation takes a deep dive into the impact of mental health, gut health, and muscle mass on overall well-being. Rachel shares her personal struggles with anxiety, her discoveries about the connection between diet and anxiety levels, and the healing power of addressing gut health.

Furthermore, Rachel opens up about her changing definition of health and the negative consequences of focusing solely on physical appearance and bodybuilding. She highlights the importance of self-awareness, taking ownership of one's circumstances and relationships, and the role of emotional and mental well-being in overall health.

Rachel's journey also encompasses her frustrating experiences with Western medicine's limited approach to her gut issues, culminating in a suggestion for complete removal of her large intestine. This low point led her to seek alternative solutions and eventually find healing through functional medicine protocols and dietary changes.

Join us on this episode of University of Adversity as Rachel Sheer shares her powerful story of personal growth, resilience, and finding true healing by addressing the root causes of health issues. Her insights and experiences will inspire and educate listeners on the importance of a holistic approach to adversity and overcoming life's challenges.

Time Stamp overview:

00:02:13 Bodybuilding led to health issues and insecurities.

00:12:34 Diet, stress, and gut health connection explained.

00:17:46 Functional medicine offers a root cause approach. In Western medicine, independent systems are examined rather than the whole person. Personal experience led to finding functional medicine for healing. Healing involved addressing gut health and self-worth. The relationship with oneself is crucial for optimal health.

00:25:29 Childhood masks shape adult identities and relationships.

00:31:42 Struggled to talk about antidepressant and withdrawal.

00:35:58 Understanding withdrawal and empathizing with medication users.

00:41:37 Functional medicine identifies risk factors individually.

00:43:46 Mental health, gut health, muscle mass importance.

00:46:46 Gut health impacts anxiety, choose food wisely.

00:52:09 Self-work reveals others' behaviors and consciousness.

00:56:28 "Words matter, kindness impresses me most."

00:58:39 Rachel's work is valued and appreciated.

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