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Episode 6 - Financial Responsibilities and Performance
Episode 630th March 2021 • Let's Talk Governance • Grower Group Alliance
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Episode 06 - Financial Responsibilities and Performance

Duration: 0:43:08

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:00 Welcome Peter

0:02:16 What are the statutory financial responsibilities for a NFP Board?

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0:08:26 What are the main financial statements and how are they linked?

0:16:30 What are the warning signs for insolvency?

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0:22:15 What are the key requirements for analysing financial performance?

0:28:09 What are the financial reporting obligations for a NFP organisation?

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0:35:57 Network Question: Is there a way that NFPs can retain their values and independence if they are quasi statutory or government funded?

0:38:33 Network Question:  What is the correct process for members of an organisation to be paid for work within an organisation of which they are a member?

0:40:23 Wrap-up/Conclusion