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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 17, 21st April 2021
017 - Rich Camacho of BlueRecruit - Implied Tasks
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017 - Rich Camacho of BlueRecruit - Implied Tasks

Rich is a former Army Black Hawk pilot and a West Point graduate turned tech CEO. He is fortunate to lead the team at BlueRecruit, a software platform that connects America's blue-collar skilled workers with the companies desperate for their talent. Let us listen as Rich explains the amazing opportunities in the blue-collar direction. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:38- BlueRecruit has started as Rich realized that nobody's targeting blue-collar labor. 
  • 05:08- 10% of Rich company's job seekers are veterans
  • 05:39- Rich in partnerships with community colleges to provide certifications and be more attractive to employers
  • 09:42- The concept of implied task
  • 13:00- The proper mindset as a veterans go into the new world
  • 14:57- The opportunities to steer more in the blue- collar job direction
  • 14:57- The opportunities to steer more in the blue-collar job direction
  • 18:21- Rich plans to do career counseling in helping blue-collar workers to get through their ranks

3 Key Points:

  1. Get rid of the negative connotation about a blue-collar job because there's plenty of opportunities in this direction. 
  2. You don't  necessarily need a degree to get a decent job.
  3. Blue- collar jobs have many skills that are interchangeable amongst industries. 


  • “When you transition from the military to the civilian world, it is not lateral, you're usually taking a step back, but you're going to rely on that experience and then move faster through the ranks.”- Rich Camacho
  • “Veterans are the new minority we have to adjust and mold to the civilian culture because no one is doing you a favor in getting a new job.”- Rich Camacho
  • “We must stop teaching kids about the negative connotation of a blue-collar job like you're going to be dirty and greasy, and you never make more than $22 an hour. There are plenty of opportunities in this direction to make more. “- Rich Camacho

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