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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 153, 30th August 2021
TTB 153: Travel Around Table - The Relevance of History to Travel

TTB 153: Travel Around Table - The Relevance of History to Travel

On this episode of the Travel Around Table, the group discusses; 

  • What is the Relevance of History to Travel?
  • Why is it important to travel in order to document major historical events (i.e. protests, wars, elections, natural disasters, migrations)
  • What role do you see the US playing as countries like China and Russia continue to expand. Will the US be the top dog?

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  • Keshler Thibert - Travel Director

Adventure, Lesuire, & Luxury Travel

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Blog: https://lecanardtourism.silvrback.com

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  • Andrew Tyree


Instagram: @coasttocosta


  • JD

YouTube: www.youtube.com/thehistoryunderground

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Instagram: @the_history_underground

  • Michael Hilliard

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