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What Happens When We Walk in Obedience to God?, with Justin White – EM243
Episode 2437th November 2018 • Engaging Missions • Bryan Entzminger
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It started in a small Baptist Church, with a response to the Gospel. But that didn’t mean that Justin immediately jumped in and followed God wholeheartedly. But a few years later, God used Isaiah to call Justin back to Himself.

Years later, God used an adoption to redirect Justin and his family to Africa for a couple of years. While they were there, they met cultural challenges but God began to show them how to use simple, reproducible tools to share their love for Him.

Now Justin and his family are in North Carolina and he’s a Movement Catalyst pursuing #NoPlaceLeft.

This is his story.

What We Talked About

  • 01:19 - About Justin White
  • 01:54 - How did you come to faith in Christ?
  • 03:31 - What part of Isaiah 6 stood out to you?
  • 04:30 - What did that "sending me" look like as you started to walk with Christ?
  • 05:59 - What does a Movement Catalyst do?
  • 10:41 - How is what you were doing in Africa different from what you're doing now?
  • 12:11 - Is it ever difficult to keep that kind of perspective?
  • 13:24 - What's God been showing you over the last few months?
  • 14:49 - How has God grown your ability to trust Him?
  • 16:29 - What are the residencies that you're offering?
  • 19:33 - What happens when your investment never really takes root?
  • 20:47 - How important is cross-cultural ministry with what you're doing?
  • 25:17 - What has to change in our lives if we're really going to start pursuing Movement?
  • Broken for Lostness and Repentance
  • Understand your identity from Scripture
  • Understand who you can share your faith with
  • Learn how to start or transition a conversation to the Gospel
  • Plan and prioritize time
  • 27:43 - What happens when people begin walking in obedience to God?
  • 29:09 - Justin’s prayer requests
  • Family – especially daughters
  • That God would continue to raise up laborers
  • Wisdom & Strategy
  • 31:18 - Volunteer Resource Guide
  • 33:03 - Listener Feedback
  • 35:03 - Show Closing

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