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077: GO VOTE!! Elections Week Special with Jen Amos & Nani Dominguez on Filipina On the Rise
Episode 22Bonus Episode2nd November 2020 • The Filipino American Woman Project • Jen Amos
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SPECIAL THANKS to Krystl Fabella with Filipina on the Rise for allowing us to share this timely interview to our audience! Check out our sister podcast at

Title (As seen on Filipina on the Rise): Go Inwards for Activism! Voting, Personal Activism & more with Jen & Nani of The Filipino American Woman Project – Voting, Personal Activism & more!

Description: Wrapping up FAHM, we have Jen Amos & Nani Dominguez, the hosts of The Filipino American Woman Project, a Podcast that covers stories & life lessons told by American women of Filipino descent.

Jen is the founder and co-host of TFAW.  She is an award winning podcaster and online entrepreneur, an advocate for promoting personal narratives. She runs 4 different podcasts, and her favorite topics to cover on her shows involve military families, entrepreneurs, women, and mental health. In August 2020, Jen Amos participated as a speaker for PodFest Global, In addition to the media platforms, events, groups, and organizations Jen has been fortunate to be a guest speaker at throughout the years, her favorite medium of speaking has been through podcasting.

Nani is the other co-host of the podcast. By the way of her biracial identity, she offers an intersectional perspective that allows listeners to be vulnerable and explore their most authentic narratives. In addition to podcasting, Nani is a blogger on her blog, which she writes to normalize the neoteric Fil-Am experience, and hopes to serve others going through identity crises, relationship issues, processing generational trauma, and other mental health issues prevalent in our families and culture.

Together, Jen and Nani create a safe space for fellow Filipinx-Americans to contemplate our shared cultural/family experience, lived & inherited traumas, and the history of our heritage, people & land.

Before October, I reached out to the two to do a collaborative episode. We know that the theme this year was highlighting of Filipino American activism. Being that we were both platforms sharing a mission of highlighting Pinays, I thought it would be meaningful to have a discussion specifically for Filipino women and activism. In thinking about FAHM, election season, and so much discourse around political, social and racial justice, calling people to step up and take a stance, we wanted to share how activsm can take on several forms, and to encourage ways that felt personal and natural, for example, we love that podcasting has been a medium for our activism too. Everyone, get ready to be along for a ride. This discussion got rich, and real so fast, with lots of powerful insight. In this episode, we discuss everything from voting, various non traditional ways to show up as an activist, plugging into current events and taking care of mental health, we talk about taking personal responsibility, how to deal with overwhelm of issues to care about and narrow down topics, we share vulnerable experiences, and things get even emotional, and end with a really powerful message.

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