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Gander Airport's Role With Disasters
Episode 1515th April 2022 • History of Gander • Jack Pinsent
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Seems like everything that happened in aviation during this time era, had a disastrous effect. EPA moves out of Gander creating a population void in the town. Gander is involved with 3 airlines incidents. First there is the Air India terrorist bombing over the Atlantic with 329 people on board becoming Canada’s largest mass killing, Then the Arrow Air crashing on departure from Gander killing all 256 on board being the largest in Canada to die in an airplane crash. Later in 1990, a B727 enroute to Gander has to ditch in the Atlantic due to lack of fuel. The Canadian government forces Gander airport to become a private authority having to finance its own maintenance and operation expenses. In 2001 the US airspace is closed because of a terrorist attack requiring 38 wide body aircraft to land at Gander in the space of a few hours without notice, with close to7000 passengers on board into a town with a population of less than 10, 000 people, where they remained for almost a week. The town & the airport performed beyond expectations