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Life Changing Advice from EDGconUSA part 2
Episode 16329th March 2023 • Constructive Liberty • Ken Eash
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Part 2 recap of EDGEconUSA conference I recently attended.

Ken Hartley:

  • the source of our problems come from our roots
  • the 5 roots are: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial
  • listen to voices that propel you forward in life

Dr Nate Hearne:

  • all of life/business is about relationships
  • good habits lead to success and significance
  • significance is helping others be/do/have more than they ever thought possible
  • be INTENTIONAL about the legacy you want to leave

Dave Kauffman:

  • Focus on what you have, rather than on what you don't have
  • fix the man, and the world becomes right

Dr Marie Cosgrove:

  • everyone experiences stress
  • how you view, manage, and respond to it changes how it affects you
  • the brain can't tell the difference between what's real or vividly imagined

Gary Arblaster:

  • financial success starts with ME
  • better finances > better stewardship > better relationships > better opportunities
  • money has no value unless it is put into action
  • I deserve what I tolerate

Dr Lew Sterrett

  • What "if onlys"/regrets am I living with?
  • our typical solution to pressure is escape > denial > blame
  • what obstacles am I allowing to enslave and defeat me?
  • do I fear failure more than I fear succeeding at something insignificant?
  • don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits

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