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17: Joi Walker | Houston… We Have a Problem! Unlearn What You Know About Success and Question Everything to Unlock Your Potential and Leave A Legacy.
18th May 2021 • Black Excellence In Sports • Aisha Foy & Nick Lagroone
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We have placed Joi Walker on the throne as she joins us to share her brilliant perspective on her life and how she helps the next generation become successful. She shares her life testimony from transitioning from athlete to professional to coach to administrator and now full-time entrepreneur, author, podcast host and thought leader. You will be blown away by her perspective as she dives into her story discussing how landing her dream job was not enough for her to maximize her potential. This will be an uncomfortable conversation for many we share the truth about what she experienced after her college basketball career came to an end and how she relentlessly dove into personal development and entrepreneurship. Joi challenges us to question everything… to unlearn everything that we have been taught about how to achieve success.

As a full-time entrepreneur, Joi is on a mission to demystify self-employment and empower more African Americans to become their own boss. In a short amount of time, she climbed the ranks as a college coach and administrator to come to the realization that she had more to give and now is in pursuit to empower others to realize the same thing. While entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, Joi challenges us to think bigger and expand our prospective about what it really means to leave a legacy and be more to our student athletes.

In this conversation you will learn:

  • How to bounce back from adversity and empower yourself to pursue greatness. 
  • The harsh reality what former athletes experience after they transition into the real world. 
  • How to challenge yourself to be more than coaches or employees. 
  • What coaches can do to prepare and empower student-athletes to succeed after athletics. 
  • How to empathize with your athletes and challenge them to be more. 
  • How to being thinking differently about economic empowerment. Insight on the experience of post graduate depression of athletes.

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