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The Church Series Season 2: Part 20: Interview w/ Pastor Krzysztof Osiecki
22nd May 2022 • Bible Theory Podcast • The Chicano Knox
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This is the last episode of season 2—what a journey of discovering and learning about the Church both in doctrine and worldwide. For our last show of the season, we will learn about the church in Poland with Pastor Krysztof Osiecki. Pastor Krysztof has over 20 years of church planting and church building in Poland. I poke his brain about the body of Christ there in Poland. I ask him about some of the dynamics of being Polish and what that looks like? I ask about the education of Christian children in Poland, and I ask him about the growth of evangelism in Poland and how God is potentially using the war in Ukraine to spread genuine faith in Poland even more. Sit back and enjoy the last show of the season. 

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