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Ep 4: Creativity as a Side Hustle with Wearable Art Designer Paulomi Debnath
Episode 430th June 2023 • The Creative Switch • Nikki Vallance
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Paulomi Debnath, artist and founder of Handmade by Tinni shares her tips on running this award-winning creative side-hustle along side her successful hospitality career and why her creative switch differs from others.

Guest bio

Paulomi was born and brought up in India and has lived in London for the past 16 years.

She has always been passionate about handcrafted unique jewellery and being an Indian, Paulomi has been spoiled for choice and inspiration. Her art is heavily influenced by the bright colours of nature, the exotic places Paulomi has travelled and the rich Indian heritage and colours.

Paulomi launched Handmade by Tinni  in 2020 as a sustainable modern textile design brand that creates unique wearable art. She chose organic cotton as her leading material for her designs as it is biodegradable and extremely flexible to let the designs flow freely.

Specialising in the art of traditional rope knotting crafts and processes like macramé, Paulomi creates colourful, unusual and bold designs that make you feel unique. By adding zero-waste designs and partnering with Ecologi, Paulomi is making a positive impact with her brand.


● [00:07] The Edge – this episode’s creative news 

● [04:17] – Paulomi tells us the origins of her love of jewellery, colour and being a maker and being an entrepreneur from a young age to today

● [14:59] – Nikki asks how do you balance a full time career with a successful side hustle?

● [16:03] – If you want juicy tips about launching a brand, listen here!

● [34:41] – Paulomi shares her plans for growth whilst still maintaining her ethos  

● [41:18] – A Doubting Doris story from musician and author Tommy Ellis

Creative Nuggets

-        ‘I had no other reason apart from love, which is, I think, the biggest reason of all for making big changes.’

-        If you love your job you don’t have to switch it off to pursue a creative passion. It is ok to have more than one passion.

-        It takes preparation, organisation and commitment to run a side hustle. You have to sacrifice some of the down time you’d have with a 9-5 job. It is hard work!

-        Start building your brand long before you launch. Build savings too. There’s nothing good about feeling under financial pressure, especially if it’s a creative venture







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