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Never give up - how single mum overcame massive barriers to grow her business and change lives with Saffron Jackson
Episode 627th July 2020 • Mpower Podcast for mums in business • Nicola Huelin Mpower mums in business
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What we cover

  •  In 2017 Saffron created the first black Jamaican Doll which has become a worldwide sensation
  • The product sold our after a hit interview with the BBC
  • After the bank lost £1000's of Saffrons money, she had to follow the trail herself to find the missing money
  • Due to the lost money there was no stock for 6 months
  • When Saffron finally received her order, half of the dolls were not working
  • The challenges were stacking up
  • Saffron could so easily have given up on numerous occoasions, but shares her thoughts on what kept her going and the importance of not giving up on what you believe in

More about Saffron

Saffron Jackson, founder of Zuree Ltd, is an educator and multi-award winning entrepreneur whose innovation of the first talking Jamaican doll has earned her recognition worldwide. Zuree is a variation of the word ‘Zuri’ meaning beautiful in Swahili. Zuree was inspired by the birth of her daughter Billie-Rae after Saffron realised there were hardly any products on the UK High Street that represented or looked like her daughter. She is extremely passionate about empowering young black/ethnic children and this passion is the main driving force behind Zuree. Her main aim is for Zuree to establish itself as a major brand across the world.

Zuree is a brand which aims to provide educational products including toys and dolls for mostly young black/mixed-race girls across the world. Zuree aims to bring diversity and inclusion in the children's toys and merchandise sector into multicultural UK and the rest of the world. Zuree dolls aim to empower young BME to feel confident about who they are. Every young girl/boy, regardless of ethnicity, wants to play with dolls/toys that look like or are similar to them and they most importantly to feel a sense of belonging.

Saffron is originally from Jamaica but spent the last 18 years in London, England where her daughter was born. Saffron is also a community activist who has won various awards for service through various organisations and charities she supports. Saffron is determined and resilient and intends to market her brand worldwide as she truly believes her brand is not just a business but a cause aimed at elevating and uplifting others.

Contact details:

 IG and Twitter: @zureedolls 

FB: Zuree Ltd


LinkedIn: Saffron Jackson

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