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Season 3 Bonus - Where'd Ya Go?
Bonus Episode8th May 2022 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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Snowfiles most recently released an episode on January 27, 2022. Just days later, Cohost Tam’s son passed an untimely, sudden death. The team took three months off to grieve and support…but also to investigate. 28 year old Bo died while in police custody for a seat belt violation. He had a medical history and the outcome was devastating, but something was off. Tam’s investigative spirit was ignited, and she dug into her son’s case immediately. This episode presents all the evidence that was gathered during a mother’s quest for the truth. Snowfiles will return to normal broadcasts presenting the wrongful conviction of Jamie Snow, on May 18, 2022.

A few updates:

Jamie recently received the 8000 documents in Stateville, and is still reviewing them. He has a status hearing on May 9th at 1:30 via Zoom. We don't expect much activity because the documents are still under review, but if you'd like to attend, please private message either me, Lesley or Bruce, and we will give you the information to log in.

You may be familiar with the Barton McNeil case - also in McLean County, and also prosecuted by Charles Reynard and Teena Griffin for the murder of his 3 year old daughter. Bart has a big hearing in McLean County scheduled on May 12 at 1pm - so if you're in the local area, please attend! It's at the McLean County courthouse at 1:30, and it would be amazing if we could pack the courthouse! We will be covering that case in the upcoming season, and you can learn more about the Barton McNeil case at:

We miss you! We have a Snow & Tell Zoom scheduled TENTIVELY for Saturday May 14th at 4:30pm EST, and we'd love for you to join us to catch up, discuss case events, and talk about both Jamie and Bart's recent hearings. We may even be able to twist someone's arm from Bart's support camp to give us the lowdown on the hearing.