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MPAF4 - Edmund Tirbutt on Financial Media Case Studies and Storytelling
15th July 2014 • Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast • Roger Edwards interviews great people from Marketing and the world of Finance
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This is the Podcast for providers and advisers looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of protection and finance.

In Episode 4 my guest is Edmund Tirbutt.

Edmund is a freelance journalist and writer. He’s been covering financial services topics for the last 27 years. His articles are always painstakingly researched and hard hitting.

He used to be a semi-professional stand-up comedian and has recently started perform again alongside world renowned comedians like Mike Wozniak and John Moloney.

Edmund feels that positive financial case studies are key to improving the public’s view of financial services. Listen as he explains what works and how advisers can talk to the media to showcase their positive stories.

For links to the books and apps mentioned by Edmund please visit for the show notes.

What is the Marketing Finance and Protection (MPAF) Podcast?

The MPAF Podcast is a 30 minute audio show you download from, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Each week I’ll be interviewing financial services providers, advisers, experts and journalists. Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill.

I’ll be asking what we can do to make protection...