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Episode 9: Lenise Williams Serial Mompreneur & Made Leather Co Mogul
12th September 2019 • Her 360 with Kae Whitaker • Kae Whitaker
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In today's episode I got to chat with Lenise Williams, who is an attorney, serial entrepreneur and a mom of two amazing boys.

She is passionate about entrepreneurship and continuously sets out to educate many, especially mothers, on the importance of finding independence through entrepreneurship. She consults with start-ups and creating viable business models and is also the founder of Made Leather Company.

Made Leather Co is a luxury brand that imports quality handmade leather products from Morocco.

Lenise shared so transparently the challenges that she's overcome while building successful businesses from Child Care Centers to now very successful Made Leather Co.

Lenise and I laugh and we talk through just how she became the Modern Momprenuer that she is today from opening and running child care centers, living through divorce and natural disasters, and having threats on her life while she was in a foreign country.

Lenise is nothing short of amazing and you will not only be entertained but inspired to go full force after your dreams when you're done listening to her on today's episode.

She reminds us that if you need to pick yourself and come full circle you should go back review your goals, remind yourself of your why and find your fire. Take the lessons from your first mistakes and make your next experience 10x's better.

"Be obsessed or be average" ~ Grant Cardone

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