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Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast - Joshua Stamper 31st August 2020
Multiply Excellence in Your School: Featuring Emily Paschall
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Multiply Excellence in Your School: Featuring Emily Paschall

What is the driving force to improve the culture of your building and move your school toward success? This week’s guests, Emily Paschall, shares how she makes connections to help every student, parent, and colleague achieve excellence!

In this Episode, we discuss:

  • How to Build Partnerships with Families
  • Feedback to Teachers
  • Making an Impact as a New Leader
  • And Multiply Excellence in Your Schools

About Emily Paschall:

Emily Paschall has served as a teacher, district coach, school administrator, professional learning trainer, and motivational speaker.

Her passions lie in teaching, learning, and serving others. She leads a nation wide group of administrators through supportive social media sites with shared ideas, information, and motivation. She is best known for founding the ElemAPNetwork where she offers various opportunities for administrators to experience a live exchange of best practices and fresh ideas. Her work is recognized around the world from educators who desire to learn how to create a climate and culture that promotes excellence.

Emily’s innovative methods for driving student engagement, promoting academic rigor, and stimulating excitement about school has created a ripple effect in others across the country. 

To book future speaking engagements, contact her at EmilyAPaschall@gmail com. 

You can also connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Voxer: @EmilyAPaschall 

Follow Emily Paschall: 




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