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What to do with Faulty Reasoning and the voice in your head
Episode 1082nd November 2020 • "Crisis To Crushin' it" • Joel Ingram
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Hello, I am Joel Ingram and this is Crisis to Crushin’ It Podcast.

Let us dive into this week's talk and help to:

1.    Increase perspective

2.    Expand Perception

3.    Allow you to change your reality.

Hey All,

Good to have a friend of mine on the show, we first talked around a year ago and got lost in conversation for around 2 ½ hours, should have had that one recorded in touched on all sorts of topics.

Today we have Matt Scarfo, Matt is an endurance athlete, potentialist, corrective exercise and human movement specialist. Husband, father, business owner. Fitness and athletic performance expert with over 20 years of credentialled experience. Infinite thinker, collaborator, and contributor. Matt teaches and coaches his clients to achieve their absolute best performance - physical, or otherwise - using mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, somatic exercise, and human mechanics.

His clients earn a tremendous advantage in all areas of their life by incorporating his methods and teachings, and have smashed their preconceived notions of personal potential, and is spending a lot of time coaching and counselling addicts in all stages of recovery, enabling them to embrace a mindset of what he calls: Perpetual Recovery, protracting addicts' moments of freedom and showing them how to use the tools they already have to take control of their choices.

Let’s get straight in to this conversation.

Matt, Welcome to the show.

Please connect with Matt here:

Thanks for listening today.

What did you find most useful?

Which actionable information will you utilise TODAY? 


Will you keep things as they are? 

If you are inspired to help others, can I ask you to bring 1 listener to the show? This helps to grow the community and find the ears of those who may need the message, to not give up, keep moving forward no matter the speed and KNOW settling is not a choice which leads to fulfilment.

Stay Strong,


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